Seek the answers inside of yourself!

I’ve been quiet on the blog front. Working through life as a mom and wife. Working through depression. Working on my own spiritual journey, tarot readings, spiritual guidance for my facebook groups. Just plugging away at life.

However, The past few weeks I’ve noticed some big time energetic and emotional themes. I don’t know if astrological happenings are fueling these themes but they are happening and very real. It started out as one thing, but has recently shifted into a whole new animal.

External Validation.

Either we are the one who needs the validating or we are the person doing the validating. Or we are both. My question is Why? and What do we need to know about this energy?

So, I did what I do, and I asked the angels. 19204884_10154889039177672_1151831465_o

I used the Angel Prayers oracle Deck by Kyle Grey (I love him and his work. So high vibe and inspirational.) I asked the angels about this energy surrounding the need for external validation and what we need to know about it. And the answers were very clear, and nothing we haven’t heard before. But important reminders nonetheless.

We all have so much on our minds. It is hard to know where to start, what to focus on, how to stay on track. We are trying so hard to do the best we can, do a good job, and we need to know that we are on the right track, worthy, valued, appreciated. We all seek validation from people around us instead of slowing down to find the validation inside of ourselves. It is time to refocus in a positive way and let go of the negative thought patterns.

You know the next step, now is the time to make that move! As your angels to support and guide you through the process. Let go of fear and know you will make it to the other side of the challenge.

You give to everyone else. Now is the time to give to yourself AND accept others to give to you. It isn’t selfish, it is absolutely necessary. Ask yourself “How can I help and serve myself?” and then ask “How can I use that to serve others?” Others being your children and family first and then the community. Self care is so important. Do not rely on others to do this for you. Take care of yourself first. Accept the help and offers of help as they come to you as well. Always embrace the energy exchange, give and take.

~~Thank you angels for supporting us, loving us, and guiding us through our challenges. Help us claim our power, listen to our intuition and internal guidance instead of seeking the answers outside of ourselves. Thank you for guiding me to be more like you, Thank you for supporting us through our next difficult steps, Thank you for helping us prioritize and focus.
And so it is~~


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